Cats over plants 🐱🌱

I used to think plants are good as companions you know ? I’ve bought 3 plants so far ,of different types , big saharan one , a colorful one and the last one was a cactus with a red flower on the top , they all looked less demanding and gentle and , umm .. cheap 👀 .. but the problem with plants that it’s dull af , i mean i have a lot on my mind and my life yes so less demanding things are good choice , but how am i gonna remember to water you regularly if you ain’t coming around me or making any noise at least ? A friend of mine said they listen but don’t whisper you should be loud and clear .. oh my god i hate that but i had to , i mean who wants to talk to a plant ? i’ll lock my room’s door and make sure no one hears me so I won’t sound crazy . But it never worked .. so i’mma be clear with you plant nation ok ? Y’all have issues, i’ll never waste 30 SR and million liters of water on a dumb vase .. bitch what am I getting? A good decor in my room ? My paintings are better as a decoration.. and I don’t have to water them hehe .

I don’t want to sound so millennial But all of them died .. I didn’t crush them tho , and I didn’t toss them in the trash either.. I can’t do that i think it’s haram “the big shaikh of my sect said that” , i’ll leave them on the table till they die by themselves but i’ll never waste my time watering them again .. and now i’m gonna go back to cats , i’m not gonna buy them because it’s haram “the big shaikh of my sect said that” , but the problem is i had a trauma after losing mehtab .. a white chubby cat we were taking care of after she sustained an injury..i woke up one day and she was dead .. with her eyes wide open and dry .. that scene made me fear cats and I thought i’ll never get near them again .. but what can i say ? God is writing my life script in a very sarcastic way .. few months ago my brother brought a cat .. a small black one with a cute necklace and brown spot of hair on her head ..we adopted her , her name is tetch “my brother said it means master of the darkness in Japanese or some kind of shit”.. but I think “titch” is a better spelling if you know what i mean .. anywayyyy .. this titsh bitch is cool af , snuggly af , funny af , and smart af .. a little bit violent yes but i like it , i dig that .. so when i’m not around or when i take her out and someone tries her she will scratch and run .. and she sleeps in my bed all the time tho she was scared to death when she first got here .. i’m not intimidating tbh but she’s smart i mean duh ? We are in a cruel world we must be guarded in the beginning.. ugh i love her when she starts mewing and guiding me to her bowl so i’ll go get her food , i once bought her some cats food but it was too much for her “my sister said it’s for 4 y.o cats” so yeah i think i’m not good with taking care of cats :/ i need to be more careful so I won’t hurt her.. days ago my little sister wanted to throw a BD party for her “we don’t even know the date of her birth” but we had fun , everyone likes her this titch .. can’t blame them .. she’s lovely and she’ll be more lovely if she had more bravery.. i like me some physical drama you know ? If something bad happened just get on my shoulder and cling to my neck instead of running ok ? And if i got attacked by an unfortunate humans i guess she’ll be there to scratch the f out if ‘em, 2 weeks ago a missile dropped in our city , i was in bed reading and she was next to me keeping me company but when she heard it she disappeared.. i felt bad .. she got so scared she was hiding under the bed and i hope that’ll never happen again , I don’t want her to live that or even hear it .. but what was more sad is what will she do if me and my bed weren’t here ? I mean don’t be scared , i got your back .. you are not a plant so i won’t go away unless you stopped being a cute cat … and please don’t die like mehtab :/ and please don’t go out when the door is open that’s dangerous.. the outside world is dangerous and tbh , i like you so just keep sleeping in my bed.

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